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A creator of universes, a destroyer of worlds, a leader of fanatics, a killer of men, a healer, a composer, a magician, and a writer.
Casey is the author of the Resonance Saga, a space opera trilogy set in the distant future of the Milky Way galaxy. She is also a physics professor at a liberal arts college, where she teaches the next generation of brilliant scientists.
MJ Kuhn is a fantasy writer from the Midwest. Her debut novel is a fantasy heist, titled AMONG THIEVES.
Author of The Sightless City (Tiny Fox Press, 2022) ​A short-story writer and novelist based in LA. I write Science Fiction, Fantasy, Surreal-Horror, "Insert-Adjective-Here"-Punk and all sort of weird nonsense.
Jonathan E. Hernandez is an author, visual artist, and organizer with the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers. A Nuyorican originally from the Bronx, he now lives in Astoria, New York with his partner Anita and a cat named Jonesy.
Greta Kelly is (probably) not a witch, death or otherwise, but she is the author of THE FROZEN CROWN, THE SEVENTH QUEEN & THE QUEEN OF DAYS (out 2023).
Katherine Forrister is an author of speculative fiction. She lives near Kansas City with her family, where she enjoys local conventions, playing video games, and curling up on the sofa to read on cold winter days.
Liam Quane is a British filmmaker & author from the working-class town of Skelmersdale, UK. His first novel, which is entitled "Road to Juneau" is out now. More coming soon. :~)
Gabrielle is a perpetually tired mom of four and an adult urban fantasy author that lives in the US. She is the author of THE FAMILY CROSS, FOR THE MURDER, THE UNRIGHTEOUS SON (6/22), and MURDER FOR HIRE (11/22)
Author of From the Caves (2021), which won the Red Hen Press Novella Award and the INDIES Book of the Year Award. Writing at Poets & Writers, Longreads, The Kenyon Review, and CRAFT Literary Magazine, among other journals.